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Venue Spotlight: Grant Farms Fresh Market, Cheyenne

When we moved to Colorado 6 years ago, the first weekend we were here was spent volunteering for an event at Grant Family Farms called Harvestival. We've been fans of Grant Farms ever since. Come to find out, they also operate a market in Cheyenne called Grant Farms Fresh Market. It's a sweet little store that has amazing farm fresh produce, every kind of garden plant, and a European style open air cafe. Last summer I got to play there twice, and both times I enjoyed the cool Wyoming afternoon air, and the bright blue sky.

There is a small but delightful selection of sandwiches and pastries in the small coffee shop. And for the second show I did they were already putting out soups made from the fall vegetables. The cafe is a wonderful place to relax and take in the thoughtfully created environment, and it's well suited for a quiet conversation with friends, or to listen to some quiet acoustic music.

You'll definitely want to bring your shopping bags because the produce…

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