Taggart & Silas Fort Collins Museum of Art January 19th

Taggart & Silas' first show of 2018 will be at the Fort Collins Museum of Art in conjunction with an art opening of the show, This Land is My Land by Sue McNally. Similar to the Artist to Artist series that I started a few years ago, this show will feature art and music that creates a mutual deepening of the experience for our audience. McNally's paintings are striking landscapes from all over the U.S. that includes both popular landmarks and more remote spots. Her colors are vivid almost to the point of being dreamlike. It's a spectacular show, and we're thrilled to support it. Sue will be on hand and we'll be getting an in depth understanding of her work as the evening unfolds.

Taggart & Silas will be playing a long set of music that gives a complimentary aural dimension to your experience of the paintings. Showtime is 7:30, and tickets are available at the Museum and on their website.  Please join us for a wonderful, one-of-a-kind evening!