Booking & Contact

If you would like to book me to play for your venue or event, please make sure all of the following criteria are met:
  • Your venue is considered primarily a "listening room", festival or event where people pay to hear performers play. 
  • Your venue or event is within 100 miles of Loveland, CO if you want me to drive, otherwise you'll cover the cost of travel, including mileage, lodging, food and beverage. Mileage rate= 56 cents per mile.
  • Payment for the performance will be a guarantee of $462.00 for up to two hours of music, or 70% of door sales, whichever is greater. Each additional hour will cost $200.00.
  • You'll provide a professional sound system and a qualified sound engineer to run it. You'll provide me with contact information for this person more than a week in advance so that I can make sure they are ready when I arrive. The sound system needs to be set up and operational by the time I arrive at the venue. If I bring my sound system, the fee will be an additional $800 just for the equipment rental and another $462 for me to engineer it myself. Sound system and engineering is never included in my performance fees.
  • Sound check will need to be completed in an empty room one hour before patrons arrive. Load in will be determined by what time sound check can be done. If it has to be done before lunch time, I'm fine with that. I will not do a sound check if patrons have already arrived. At that point I hope you have a sound engineer who can dial it in quickly. If you are a large sized venue, I  will expect a separate engineer to mix monitors.
  • You will provide a designated green room with a door that can be closed along with six bottles of water, three on ice, three at room temperature, and either a six pack or growler of double IPA, preferably something like Ranger IPA from New Belgium Brewing. Additionally, a selection of menus from local restaurants will be provided if the venue has no food service of it's own. No chain restaurants please, and food and delivery will be paid for by your venue and delivered two hours before performance time. The green room needs to be a private space. I appreciate being left alone there. It shouldn't be an employee or patron hangout.
  • My instruments and personal belongings are not to be touched by anyone without my permission. I wind my own cables and change my own strings. Audience members are not invited at any time to join me onstage or to touch my equipment without my permission. I don't consider chicken wire in front of the stage a good sign.
  • You will allow me to include up to five guests on the guest list.
  • You'll give me a week's notice to cancel with no penalty, otherwise you'll pay the agreed upon price despite the cancellation.
  • You will actively promote the show through every available marketing channel that your venue employs. 
  • For God's sake, don't open or sort the M&Ms! I like the plain ones if anyone is asking. Bite sized Snickers and Hershey's Kisses are also nice. Weird flavors are OK, too, but just plain chocolate always works.
My end of the bargain:
  • I will promote the show through posters, mail, social media, my websites, and through print and broadcast releases and interviews when available.
  • I'll provide up-to-date promotional materials for your promotions including press releases, photos, videos, music files and blank posters.
  • I will send a tech and input sheet to your sound engineer at least one week before the event.
  • I will be on time and behave professionally at all times.
  • My equipment will be ready to plug in and play through.
  • I will be adequately warmed up and ready to perform.
  • I will deliver a positively memorable musical experience to everyone in the room, giving 110%.
  • I will represent the highest and best core values of your venue and your customers in the way I perform and present myself both on and offstage.
  • I will follow up with attendees through social media and email the day after the event and will encourage them to leave positive reviews for your venue if they've had a great time.
  • If you have food and beverage service, or outside food vendors I will promote them during the show.
  • I will treat venue owners and employees with the utmost respect and will expect the same in return.
  • If I cancel the event without more than 24 hours notice, I will pay you my minimum guarantee.
  • I will not tolerate rude behavior, drunk or high venue owners or employees, heckling beyond the obligatory "Freebird", or immoral solicitations of any kind.
If you can agree to all of the above terms, please fill out and submit my contact form and I'll get in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving it.

Thanks for the opportunity!

**These terms are not applicable for Avogadro's Number, City Star Brewing, or High Hops Brewery. These places are family to me.