I'm starting to offer some free video guitar lessons here at the request of some long-time students. These are for beginning to intermediate level guitar players and will teach the songs at a slow pace, then offer videos to practice along with at various speeds.

Caveat: I haven't taught lessons in a few years and as a result, my own playing features more mistakes than it once did. Don't judge and just play the next note.

If you're interested in taking live online lessons with me through Zoom or Skype, fill out the form below. My rate is $75 per lesson or a package of four lessons for $250.00. Rates include face-to-face lesson time on Zoom plus the outside time it takes me to create materials for you. You will have lifetime access to the lesson materials.

To pay for your live online lessons I accept payments through Venmo and Paypal. I can also send an invoice to you through email.

Venmo ID: @franklintaggart 

If you have a Venmo account already, it's my preferred method.

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One Online Lesson

Four Online Lessons Package

More free tunes will be added here as I make them.

Beginning Flatpicking

    Angeline the Baker - This Stephen Foster song is one that many people learn first. Its two-chord, repetitive sections, and simple but beautiful melody make it a favorite!

    Over the Waterfall - a gorgeous melody and easy-to-learn chords make this one fun to learn and play!

    The Big Scioty - I love the melody of this tune and the brief but captivating chord melody in the B part!

Early-Intermediate Flatpicking

Virginia Girls Fiddle Break for Guitar - An old mountain song aka Virginia Gals and Come All You Virginia Gals. This guitar version of the fiddle break is a nice introduction to drone notes and double stops.